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Opera in Progress




An Opera in Three Acts on the Libretto by felicia klingenberg
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Thomas Visited

An Operatic Scene by Norman Yeung            MP3 :  Thomas Visited

  Scene:     Thomas Visited

Wood Sleeves

An Art Song on the Poem by Mary Aitken       MP3: Wood Sleeves

    Poem:    Wood Sleeves

Taking Flight

A CD of three Song Cycles on Poems by Lorna Crozier and Dennis Lee:
The Garden Going On Without Us
The Wild Birds
A Piece of Alligator Pie


The Garden Going On Without Us


In Moonlight      In Moonlight

Radishes           Radishes

Onions              Onions

Artichokes        Artichokes

Pumpkins         Pumpkins

Watermelons    Watermelons

In Moonlight Reprise     In Moonlight Reprise

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The Wild Birds


Loon Song      Loon Song

Wild Geese     Wild Geese

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A Piece of Alligator Pie


Nimpkin                                   Nipkin

William Lyon MacKenzie King  William Lyon Mackenzie King

If You Should Meet                  If You Should Meet

Skyscraper                              Skyscraper

Kahshe or Chicoutimi              Kashe or Chicoutimi

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