Pine Productions has been providing professional, private music education,
since 1976, specializing in composition instruction in all styles.
Katya provides music and composition lessons my child loves to attend.
She encourages his creativity to shine.
          E. Bergman

Instructional Approach

Katya’s approach to musical education is an holistic one that not only embraces the requirements of the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), but includes all styles of music and the understanding of those styles. This enhances her students’ experiences by expanding their appreciation to include both traditional (RCM) and their own musical interests e.g. popular, jazz, improvisational, songwriting and composing.

Katya strives to create an environment where learning is so much fun that students are ultimately unaware that they are being taught. Through the use of Logic and Sibelius software, students are encouraged to compose and create.

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