Pine Productions has been providing professional, private music instruction, since 1976. Specializing in instruction for Composition, Piano, Theory, and Sight-Singing, Katya Pine provides training for students who can play at intermediate levels to advanced levels (RCM inclusive) including jazz and popular styles. She tutors mature music students to improve and hone their musical skills.  We can provide referrals to qualified instructors who specialize in training beginner musical students.  Explore and refine your talent for music — known, hidden, or otherwise, with Pine Productions.

Katya provides music and composition lessons my child loves to attend. She encourages his creativity to shine.          E. Bergman

Professional Instruction

Katya Pine’s greatest joy is imparting the love of music to her students. Her composition students continue to win awards at all levels of Canadian competition. Katya also achieves great success with her sight-singing students, from elementary to ARCT levels. Many vocal teachers have and continue to send their students to Katya for Sight-Singing and Ear-Training coaching.

In musical study at other music schools or training facilities, students often begin to feel somewhat discouraged. Many of these same people having found Katya’s teaching practice, have been transformed by her approach to musical training. Some, so much so, that they now have their own composing studios, are writing and winning awards at the Provincial and National levels, or are pursuing musical careers. Most of Katya’s students actively keep music a vital part of their lives.

Instructional Approach

Katya’s approach to musical education is a holistic one that not only embraces the requirements of the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), but includes all styles of music and the understanding of those styles. This enhances her students’ experiences by expanding their appreciation to include both traditional (RCM) and their own musical interests e.g. popular, jazz, improvisational, songwriting and more.

Katya strives to create an environment where learning is so much fun that students are ultimately unaware that they are being taught. She evaluates each new student by focusing on their unique musical tastes and interests. This assessment becomes the launching point for their customized instruction. Whether the student is a strong ear-player or a strong reader, she encourages them to explore many types of music and at many levels. Gently and respectfully her students are made aware of musical styles, expressions and opportunities.

All students are encouraged to participate in annual, student recitals in front of family and friends.

Music Studio

Katya teaches from her private, fully equipped music studio. Her studio is continually upgraded to enable her to provide training to her students using state-of-the-art software and techniques. The studio includes Roland KR7 Digital Piano and an advanced Macintosh digital audio system with software including: Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Finale, Final Cut Pro, Vienna Symphonic Library and more.

Digital Audio – The Future of Music
Thirty years ago, you would have needed a small fortune to make the same quality of recording that you can make with today’s basic digital audio software. Katya encourages all of her students to consider using audio creation programs as part of their musical education, from simple applications like GarageBand to advanced professional systems such as Logic or Sibelius.

Music Lessons

Katya occasionally has openings for intermediate and advanced students for regular or drop-in lessons.

For more information on any music educating topic, or to apply for lessons, please contact us at:

Katya Pine
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