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Pine Productions composes and provides original music for all types of media and live performance. Katya Pine’s compositions include works for film, television, musical theatre, concert and music for study. Her music is published nationally. Many of her pedagogical works are listed with the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) & Canadian National Conservatory of Music’s (CNCM) Canadian Composers Series.  The 2015 RCM Piano Syllabus contains several works from her newly published “Images” piano collection.

An accomplished composer, Katya Pine has studied under many well-known instructors and composers including Canadians John Beckwith, John Weinzweig, Maltese composer Charles Camilleri, and disciples of Ravi Shankar. As an affiliate composer of the Canadian Music Center, Katya’s concert works are also represented and distributed by the CMC.

Katya’s music brings my lyrics to life.

J. Greenspoon

Concert Music Includes:

  • “A Ring of Rhymes” – commissioned Cantata for soprano, tenor, small chamber ensemble and optional equal-voiced choir, funded by the Ontario Arts Council.
  • “The Garden Going on Without Us” – Song cycle for mezzo soprano and piano, set to the poetry of well-known Canadian poet and 2011 Order of Canada recipient, Lorna Crozier. (Two songs from this collection are listed in the RCM vocal syllabus for advanced study.)
  • “Wild Birds” – song cycle for mezzo soprano, piano and alto flute set to the poetry of Lorna Crozier.
  • “A Piece of Alligator Pie” – Vocal song cycle for soprano and piano, composed to words by the popular Canadian children’s poet, Dennis Lee. (Two songs from this collection are listed in the RCM vocal syllabus.)
  • “A Salutation to Life” – Song cycle for soprano, piano, sitar and tamboura. (“A Salutation to Life” and “A Piece of Alligator Pie” were performed by Katya with Esther Ewing, soprano, on CBC’s “Music Toronto”, hosted by Barbara Smith. The program was solely dedicated to Katya’s music.)
  • Music for the opera/musical “Uma”, co-composed with Kate Major and librettist Virginia Nemetz.

Lib Lab

Pine Productions is proud that Katya Pine was selected from an international list of composers to participate in the August 2011 Tapestry Composer-Librettist Laboratory (LibLab), an intensive 10 day program.

During LibLab, Katya composed five new operatic scenes, one each with five emerging and established Librettists. At the conclusion of the program a number of Katya’s works were premiered at Theatre Passe Muraille, at the end of September 2011.

Tapestry Composer-Librettist Laboratory

Tapestry is a Toronto, Canada based organization dedicated to the creation, development and performance of new opera through its unique and highly collaborative work processes. Tapestry’s annual “Composer-Librettist Laboratory”, promotes the development of new opera and music theatre, is held during the month of August each year. The air is electric with new creation and music as the new opera season is launched. A stellar crop of artists have been selected to participate in the 2011 LibLab and the resulting mini opera scenes will be presented in September for Opera Briefs, the annual season opener at Tapestry’s Ernest Balmer Studio.

For more information about Tapestry, the Composer-Librettist Laboratory and Opera Briefs, contact:

Five new operatic scenes created at Tapestry New Opera Work’s LibLab Workshop, (2011)

  • “The Last Life” – libretto by Sharon Bajer
  • “Thomas Visited” – libretto by Norman Yeung
  • “Fairies for Najma” – libretto by Anusree Roy
  • “The Crossing” – libretto by Nick Carpenter
  • “Tea at Three” – libretto by Sheldon RosenLibLab

Published Piano Solo Pedagogical Pieces include:

Canadian National Conservatory of Music’s publication series “Northern Lights”, (2007 – 2009)

  • “Around Again”, Level 1 Repertoire
  • “Zeke’s Video Game Adventure” Level 1 Repertoire
  • “Cool Cat Waltz”, Level 4 Repertoire
  • “Jazz at the Bistro”, Level 5 Repertoire, Grade 7 2015 RCM Syllabus

Canadian National Conservatory of Music’s publication series “Making Tracks”, (2006 – 2008)

  • “The Trains at Palmerston”, Advanced piano solo
  • “Ghost Town”, Intermediate piano solo

These Pedagogical piano solos are compiled in the music book, “Images”(2014) .

 Film and Television Works include:

  • Theme music for CTV’s SportsNet, “Live Horseracing”Broadcasts, Calgary Alberta
  • “A Home Away from Home”, a three part television documentary series, Black Media Works Inc.
  • Musical score for “Waiting”, a film by Knottingham Productions.
  • Musical score for “The Girl Who Married a Ghost”, a screen play, Blue Moon Productions.
  • Musical score for “Toronto Haunts” and “The Bettee Show”, television pilots by In Darker Productions, co-composed with composer/guitarist Sean Bray.
  • “Tradition with a Twist”, television pilot, BluePine Productions

Recently completed:

“Always Believe”: musical CD of original childrens’ music. Songs composed by Esther Singer: of Kidsmusik, Thornhill, Ontario;

All instrumental arrangements and audio engineering by Katya Pine.

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