Katya has just completed a commission from Vancouver’s Erato Ensemble to create an ensemble arrangement of her art song, “Wood Sleeves”.  It was originally created for ArtSongLab in 2015.   The text of this work is written by the late poet, Mary Aitken who left this world in 2016.  “Wood Sleeves” is dedicated to Mary.  Erato Ensemble will perform it on February 9 & 10, 2019.  http://www.eratoensemble.com/present/.

Katya Pine is currently composing music for the full-length opera “More Than a Queen”, on the libretto by felicia klingenberg.
Audio excerpts of this exciting new opera and the opera’s electronic press kit, are available at: More Than A Queen

Katya Pine recently scored the music to the short indie animation film “Puppet”. The soundtrack was recorded with the assistance of The Screen Composers Guild of Canada’s (SCGC) Orchestral Recording Sessions, conducted by LA composer/conductor Bruce Broughton.  Please contact Katya for a web link and password if you would like to view this short film.

The Forerunner, a SciFi indie film written and directed by Max Train, explores the violent silencing of women circa 1915 and how one young lady found a way out, by using her mind to reach the stars.  Music composed by Katya Pine.  Soundtrack recorded by Kevin Hamilton at Fresh Air Audio, Vancouver, BC.  Listen to the score for this film.

The Moving Child, by Hana Kamea Kemble, 2016, is a documentary that educates the importance of dynamic movement in child development. The film shows how moving in relationship with caregivers as well as “on their own” supports our social, emotional, physical and mental health. Music composed by Katya Pine & Jean Tejkel.

More information available at: The Moving Child

On November 7th, 2015 the Civic Orchestra of Victoria premiered my new work for orchestra, “Cosmic Psalm”.

Cosmic Psalm is my sonic interpretation of my passion for and vision of the splendour and majesty of the Cosmos.
My inspiration for this work came from my awe of the amazing images of stars, galaxies and nebulae produced by
the Hubble Telescope.

For further information please visit The Civic Orchestra of Victoria.

(Images: Planetary Nebulae from Hubble     Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Team (STScI / AURA) )

The song launch of “Wood Sleeves”, a new art song by Katya Pine and Mary Aitken, premiered on June 5th, 2015 at Pyatt Hall in Vancouver, BC.

“Wood Sleeves”, a song about the lives of trees and how they parallel the lives of humans, was created in collaboration with well known Victoria-based poet, Mary Aitken for the Vancouver Art Song Lab 2015.  Art Song Lab (ASL), in partnership with the Canadian Music Centre,  is a 6-month collaborative process of collaboration that culminates in the Song Launch.

For more information about ASL, visit Art Song Lab

To listen to the live recording of the premiere performance of “Wood Sleeves”, performed by Lynne McMurtry (contralto) and Alison d’Amato (piano), visit: Wood Sleeves.

Congratulations to:

Troy Lebane, Jenni Saslove, Amy Silver and Noa Vlessing who all appeared in a major fall 2010 stage production of Oliver!

 Jenni Saslove for winning first place scholarship and award for her composition, “You could be the one”, in the 2010 CFMTA Student Composer Competition, National Level.

 Noam Bergman, who was accepted into Berklee College of Music. He was also accepted at Rimon Shcool of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Israel to study in the film scoring program. Noam is completing 2 years at Rimon and in 2012 will go to Berklee to graduate with a Mus. Bac. majoring in composition. We wish Noam much continued success!

 Amy Silver for winning first prize last spring, in TWO Kiwanis Festival ‘Composition’ category classes! As a result, Amy also received a scholarship. Bravo Amy!

Narayan D. who has been working to create a demo reel that he will soon submit to a jingle company, bringing him closer to his goal of writing music for commercials. Narayan, we wish you much success!

“I am so proud of every one of my students, their progress and the fun we have getting there!”

Katya Pine.