Composition Pedagogical Workshop (2015)

How to Inspire Your Students to Compose

Katya Pine’s composition pedagogical workshop, “How to Inspire Your Students to Compose”, was presented to Teachers of the BCRMTA, South Fraser Branch (Fall 2015).

From the South Fraser Branch’s website:

Katya Pine, a member of BCRMTA South Fraser, gave a wonderful workshop on inspiring composition and creativity in our students. She had prepared a lot of material for members to work with during the workshop. Leslie Chen played a number of pieces from Katya’s book ‘Images’. As well, Leslie and Elizabeth Gilchrist took a shot at improvising, with great success! This was an exciting workshop, exposing teachers to new music and sounds, with examples of how we can easily encourage our students to explore their creative sides by composing music.

Video of The Trains At Palmerston, from “Images” collection by Katya Pine, performed by Leslie Chen during the South Fraser workshop: