Canada Music Week 2017

Katya Pine – Composer in Residence – Canada Music Week 2017

During Canada Music Week 2017 the BCRMTA celebrated Canadian musicians and their creative work. Katya Pine was honoured to attend as “Composer-in-Residence” for two BCRMTA Branches, Chilliwack and South Surrey.

South Surrey held two recitals featured over 60 piano and flute performances from Primary through Diploma levels.The event showcased a wide range of composers, representing several generations of Canadian composers. Performances included a piano composition of Calixa Lavallée (of O Canada fame), a flute sonata by R. Murray Schafer, published compositions by Katya Pine and several “first” compositions from students. The audience was most receptive and enthusiastically appreciated each musical offering. Katya encouraged all the student composers to follow their musical instincts, to keep composing, and to explore the many possibilities available in different genres. She challenged them to consider unusual instrumental combinations and to remember that a start in classical music studies may transform to expertise in music technology.







The City of Chilliwack celebrated Canada Music Week with a gala event at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, attended by a number of dignitaries, including Chilliwack’s Mayor, the Lieutenant Governor of BC, and Katya Pine.