On November 7th, 2015 the Civic Orchestra of Victoria premiered my new work for orchestra, “Cosmic Psalm”.

Cosmic Psalm is my sonic interpretation of my passion for and vision of the splendour and majesty of the Cosmos.
My inspiration for this work came from my awe of the amazing images of stars, galaxies and nebulae produced by
the Hubble Telescope.

For further information please visit The Civic Orchestra of Victoria.

(Images: Planetary Nebulae from Hubble     Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Team (STScI / AURA) )

The song launch of “Wood Sleeves”, a new art song by Katya Pine and Mary Aitken, premiered on June 5th, 2015 at Pyatt Hall in Vancouver, BC.

“Wood Sleeves”, a song about the lives of trees and how they parallel the lives of humans, was created in collaboration with well known Victoria-based poet, Mary Aitken for the Vancouver Art Song Lab 2015.  Art Song Lab (ASL), in partnership with the Canadian Music Centre,  is a 6-month collaborative process of collaboration that culminates in the Song Launch.

For more information about ASL, visit Art Song Lab

To listen to the live recording of the premiere performance of “Wood Sleeves”, performed by Lynne McMurtry (contralto) and Alison d’Amato (piano), visit: Wood Sleeves.

Katya Pine is pleased to announce the release of her new book of music, Images!

Two works from this collection are in the 2015 RCM new Piano Syllabus:

  • “The Goodbye”, RCM Syllabus:  Grade 8, List D
  • “Jazz at the Bistro”, RCM Syllabus:  Grade 7, List C

A third work, “The Trains at Palmerston”, is an appropriate RCM Grade 10, List E substitution piece.

Images is available today!

Canadian $20 plus tax and shipping.

For information or to order, contact Katya@pineproductions.ca



Katya has been teaching my daughter, Amy, how to compose, how to orchestrate and how to utilize recording studio technology and computer notation software. Every lesson, Amy, now aged 18, comes out bubbling over with new ideas and new techniques she has learned from Katya. She can’t wait to tell us all about it. Since working with Katya, Amy has won the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association composition competition twice, and had her pieces submitted for the National prizes as the Ontario representatives. The first time, Amy won the National prize. The second time, Amy’s piece was submitted in an open category – at the time she was 17. This time Amy’s composition came second to the work of a Master’s student in composition. Katya has forced Amy to learn craftsmanship, to pay attention to detail, and at the same time, to push the boundaries of conventional harmony rules. The only worry we have, is now that Amy is leaving home for university, she won’t be able to study with Katya any more. – C.J. Silver, Parent, March 2012

Katya is the best teacher I’ve ever had. She is patient and encouraging. She understands the needs of learners of all ages. She focuses on the positive increments in the learning process. Her creativity is contagious. I am learning, not only to read music, but to go beyond the written note and create different “arrangements” of music. She uses whatever music the learner wants to play and finds versions appropriate to the level needed. I never thought I would play in front of others, but with her encouragement, I did play at my first adult master class last year. It was truly exhilerating, not because I’m talented, but because Katya has taken me beyond my expectations in my musical journey. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a teacher. – L. Goldhar, Student, October 2013


Katya Pine is an extremely gifted musician and composer. I had the great pleasure to perform and record some of her beautiful and highly nuanced music. I especially enjoyed the manner in which she deconstructed difficult and mature themes, weaving them into her musical fantasy, so that they could be communicated to youth. It was an honour to work with her. – J. Burko, Youth and Music Director, New North London Synagogue, October 2010


Katya Pine is a gifted and highly intuitive composer, creating musical experiences and musical pieces that inspire and entertain. Over the years, Katya has created quite a few pieces in response to my or my family’s commissions. She and I collaborated recently in performing her settings of Lorna Crozier’s poems for my mother’s 90th birthday. I am very proud to call her a friend and musical colleague – E. Ewing, Soprano, April 2010



A CD of fabulous and fun music by Katya Pine, lovingly performed by:

  • Esther Ewing, voice;
  • Katya Pine, piano;
  • Doriann Forrester, alto flute.

An ideal gift for friends, colleagues, family or for yourself.

Click here to listen to selections from Taking Flight.

Available for purchase now!

Selections are available for purchase and download here.

CD can be purchased directly from Katya Pine and downloaded at the iTunes Store via your iTunes app.